When it comes to relationships, few bonds are strong as the ones between man and man’s best friend.

In Denton, there are two German Shepherds showing what can happen when dogs have no one but each other.

Laura Cherry is fostering 5-year-old Babs and 4-year-old Bart. "I am crazy about them, obviously!" laughed Cherry.

It was love as soon as someone found them wandering loose in Seagoville last year, and brought them into the Animal Shelter for care. Even then, the two were glued at the hip, for good reason.

"They were on the street together, and he kept her alive," said Cherry. "She couldn’t see."

Veterinarians saw glaucoma had ravaged Babs' eyes, and with the help of DFW Rescue Me, they removed them. Babs found a new set in her old friend.

"The way that he takes care of her and the way she takes all her cues from him is really amazing," said Cherry.

Bart's familiar paws guide Babs around life's obstacles. They're most comfortable at home, where she's figured out where everything is and the smells and sounds aren't foreign. His best work is when they're walking.

"She usually stays where she can bump her shoulder against his hip bones," said Cherry.

The duo has settled into a groove. Now it’s time to find a permanent home for the dog with her own seeing eye dog.

"Finding that interesting mix that’s perfect for them is just taking a little longer," said Cherry, who's happy to keep them until the right place is found.

She says it’s worth it to find a family with plenty of room and heart for the unconditional love of two dogs who already give that to each other.

If you're interested in learning more about Babs and Bart or want to know how to adopt them, visit DFW Rescue Me.