Ozona High School is the winner of the 2nd Formula 4 the Future Contest. This is a STEM initiative contest brought by CalTech, San Angelo Area Foundation and KIDY FOX TV. The contest began in the fall when all the Concho Valley Area Schools and student organizations were given the opportunity to submit a short video to KIDY on how they would utilize funds to develop or support one of their projects in the STEM areas (science, technology, math or engineering). There were three prizes. Ozona High School was awarded First Place with a prize of $5,000. Santa Rita Elementary was awarded Second place with a prize of $3,000 and Eden High School was awarded the Third Prize of $2,000.

Jason Davis and his science class submitted the entry for Ozona High School. Holly Hall and her class from Santa Rita Elementary School submitted their class video and Valarie Whitney and her class from Eden High School submitted their video. Congratulations go to each of these schools, teachers and students for a job well done.

There were many entries and much excitement as the videos came in. There is a heartfelt thank you to all the entries. The STEM projects are strongly supported in the Concho Valley. The area teachers and leaders are to be congratulated on jobs well done with these students and in these areas.

CalTech ( Will Welch and Allen Rodarte) , The San Angelo Area Foundation ( Matt Lewis and Janet Karcher) and KIDY are committed to supporting the Concho Valley youth and the communities and appreciate the teachers, parents, schools and organizations.