"Free" is not a word you hear often and rarely does it appear in a story about back-to-school products. But a 100% free back-to-school cookbook is actually a reality today.

The average parent in our viewing area spends $11 - $18 for a takeout lunch and overpays 30% at the grocery store on pre-made lunchbox kits that often have an overload of calories and preservatives. Other meals become mundane and repetitive.

Last year for back-to-school, I bought a cookbook on sale which is free today that helped immensely with weekly meals, nutrition and extremely simple but delicious meal prep. My wife and I don't have kids yet and we benefit immensely from this cookbook.

USA Today contributor Dr. Derek assembled today's cookbook and is offering it for free today to help families short on time and money. A big thanks to him for allowing me to exploit the link! Cookbook includes:

- Dozens of delicious meal ideas
- Mouth watering recipes that can be prepared in under 15 minutes
- 100% off today
- Digital cookbook includes meal planner
- Easy step by step guide for beginner chefs and culinary artists
- Ideal for people of all ages including those with kids heading back to school

100% Off Lunchbox Makeover Cookbook + Meal Planners
Was: $23.00
Now: $0.00
**You will need to supply your email address for a download link to the cookbook. Scroll down and look on the right side of the "Live It Fit" web page.