2018 may be the best time to buy a home in San Angelo.

"2017 was my second best year I've ever had in the real estate business," said Rodney Fleming, Broker for Angelo Home Team. "Been doing this for over 23 years," Fleming said.

In December of 2017, San Angelo realtors sold 98 homes. That's up 10 percent from December 2016.

"Our peaks are more of a steady climb instead of just sharp rises and sharp declines," Fleming said.

The median price for a house also declined during the new year. The average price for a home is San Angelo is around $153,000. That is almost a four percent decrease.

"You can purchase a little bit more house for a little bit less money than you could have in 2016," said Teri Jackson, President of the San Angelo Realtors Association.

Jackson added that right now is neutral territory for buyers and sellers.

"You're not going to make more money and you're not going to lose any money either way," Jackson said.

The interest rate is about four percent right now. Angelo Home Team is already getting calls on two-bedroom homes.

"There becoming easier and easier to sell because a lot of retirees and first time home buyers are looking at those houses as well," Fleming said.

There are currently about 100 homes for sale right now in San Angelo that fit the median price. Fleming said the recent tax cuts are allowing homeowners to put that money back into their homes.

"They are getting new appliances, they are fixing their fence, they are hiring carpenters," Fleming said.

If you are looking to buy a home this year, realtors suggest finding a mortgage lender first.

"You need to find out how much you qualify for, and how much your payments will be and make sure you are comfortable with that," Fleming said.

Jackson added that real estate, is ultimately an investment.

"Its probably the most expensive thing you'll ever buy, but it appreciates in its value," Jackson said.