A dog surrendered to Concho Valley Paws may have ingested meth, cocaine or high levels of nicotine, according to its Facebook page.

A local San Angelo veterinarian says the signs and dangers of a dog consuming those types of drugs are consistent with the symptoms "Hope" the dog was experiencing: panting, seizures, and irritable.

According to the organization, "Hope" was surrendered on July 28.

Veterinarian Irene Cooper of Southside Animal Hospital says she's treated dogs with these types of symptoms and often times may be treatable.

"We may give them a sedative or an anti-seizure sedative, IV fluids to support their organs," she said.

While the verdict is still out on what exactly "Hope" consumed, Dr. Cooper says there are many other items around the house that may be of danger to your pet.

Dog Owners who vape may also be putting their dog at risk.

"They are horribly toxic for dogs the concentration is so much higher than a regular cigarette," she said.

Dr. Cooper says two other items that pose risk commonly found at home are rat poisoning and ethylene glycol an additive found in antifreeze.

As for "Hope" the future is optimistic as the organization says she's found a forever home in Austin, TX.