Angelo State University's tuition and fees are going up. The Texas Tech University system Board of Regents approved the increase on Dec. 15.

President of Angelo State University Brian J. May saying the increase in tuition is a necessary adjustment.

“It was based on just increased cost that are passed down to us, but it's just primarily with inflation rates we have to keep up with cost," said May.

The increase will go into effect for the 2018-2019 academic year.

According to a press release from the Texas Tech University system, ASU will see an increase of $125 to $131 per semester depending on which degree a student chooses.

ASU awards a lot of scholarships but May says the cost of tuition does not directly affect how much financial aid ASU will award.

“When you increase tuition you don’t necessarily increase aid," said May.

May adding that funds for scholarships awarded are there to help students handle increasing costs.

“Our foundation continues to grow with the amount of money we have coming in for scholarship funds each year, whether we increase tuition [or not]. They're not tied together.

According to the ASU tuition estimator on their website, a Texas resident taking 15 hours can pay anywhere from $4100 to just over $9000 per semester.