Ballinger Memorial Hospital may look small on the outside, but on the inside some big things are happening.

The hospital unveiled a look at its newly renovated facilities and updated equipment, which included updated patient rooms, updated emergency rooms, a 32-slice GE Optima 520 CT, an expansion to its lab, GE telemetry, plus new ambulances.

"With everything in mind not only functionality for patients but for the aesthetic pleasure for them as well," Rhett Fricke, CEO and administrator of BMHD, said.

Fricke said the updated items are unique for a rural hospital that provides services to its surrounding communities.

"It comes down now especially to emerging care, it comes down to moments and seconds," Fricke said.

Its remodeled laboratory may also provide speedier services for its patients.

"Just as quick as we can get the results, those results can be forwarded on to those specialty physicians that may be awaiting that patient for that higher care," he said.