Last week, the Texas Tech University System announced they're raising the cost of tuition and fees for all universities under its umbrella; including Angelo State University. So, we broke down the cost of attending ASU.

The cost for 15 credit hours rounds out to about $2627.40 per semester. The small, but many fees, add up to $1569.90 which brings the total cost to $4197.30 per semester.

We’re comparing that to colleges similar in size here in the Lone Star State.

The cost to attend Tarleton University sits at $4389.55 per semester.

West Texas A&M in Canyon costs $4194.42.

Western Texas College in Snyder costs $3900.

Texas A&M - Commerce costs about $8000 to attend.

These are prices based on the cost estimator on each school's website and they don’t include the cost of room and board.

Now that you know the cost, here are the top 3 things Director of Communications Becky Brackin says sets ASU apart.

"Faculty and staff are probably first on my list. We have faculty like Dr. Bruce Bechtol who is an expert in North Korean affairs,” said Brackin. “He gets called to the Pentagon, he gets interview by CNN and FOX News at a national level for his expertise."

She says the on campus facilities offer students work place experience before they even graduate.

“With the new engineering labs kids get a great opportunity to get practical experience with something there in the lab before they ever set foot on a job site,” said Brackin.

Lastly she says the sense of family the university offers is one of a kind.

"The Ram Fam isn’t just talk, it’s for real," said Brackin.

Under Rick Perry’s reign as Governor of Texas, Angelo State developed a program that helps students with certain degree paths graduate with little to no debt.

“That’s still in place, along with many other situation which can help a student graduate in less than $10,000," said Brackin.

As the university grows Brackin’s hope is that cost doesn't deter prospective students from attending school in the Concho Valley.