"We will be building a full-scale refinery in the range of 100,000 barrels per day,” Jack Hanks, President and CEO of MMEX Resources Corporation said.

That refinery is being built 20 miles Northeast of Fort Stockton, but it won't be ready for a while.

"And then we'll be operational with that first phase the last quarter of 2018, it takes about 12 months for that construction period,” Hanks said.

The first phase of the refinery will bring hundreds of jobs to West Texas. The construction jobs alone start at around 100 people, plus all the jobs that come with it. Hanks says people will most likely commute from larger cities to the site; which was chosen, purchased, and permitted due to location, location, location.

"The middle of the Permian Basin which is today the largest continuous oil field in the world,” Hanks said.

Still, some may question the impact the site would have on the environment.

"We are committed environmentally. We will be the gold standard for construction and operations that meets all the technical requirements, air emission controls. We are very conscious of keeping our footprint and environmental impact to a minimum,” Hanks said.

Once the entire refinery is completed, the MMEX Corporation estimates around $450 million will be added to the Pecos County tax revenue. It is also one of the first oil refineries built in the united states in more than four decades.

For more information about the project and MMEX, follow the link: http://www.mmexresources.com/index.php