KIDY Fox San Angelo received information regarding alleged inappropriate behavior by CHS's Head Basketball Coach, Dustin Faught. The person who reached out to us asked to remain anonymous but informed KIDY that they wrote a letter to the SAISD school board, superintendent and principal on the matter. They also shared that letter with us at the station.

The letter explained that on Saturday, January 6th, two year head coach Dustin Faught acted inappropriately in front of four youth basketball teams and their families at the Central Freshman Campus. The letter goes on to say, "During a pause in play, but still during the official game, Coach Faught walked onto the court and addressed several players on my son's basketball team. He pointed his fingers at the players and began to yell at them. He told each of them that they were no longer playing basketball for Central."

The letter claims Faught allegedly walked over to the bench and addressed a coach of one of the teams. The coach he approached is not an employee of SAISD. The letter stated Faught, "...pointed to Mr. ***** and began to yell at him that he “would never coach another Central player” and that he was “done coaching in San Angelo". Allegedly, the coach motioned to Faught to leave. The letter goes on to say, "In front of a bench full of 14-15 year old boys, including my son, and a gym full of students and parents, Coach Faught yelled “F*** you ____! F*** you b****!” He then stormed back to his position near the doorway. In front of a stunned gym, the players resumed play of the game."

The letter also stated that other parents had mentioned smelling alcohol on Coach Faught at the time the incident occured. Coach Dustin Faught has yet to make a statement on the matter.

SAISD shared a statement saying, "When the district receives a concern regarding one of our athletic programs, we look into the matter and respond immediately. All reports are taken serious and researched thoroughly. Personnel matters are confidential in nature."

It is unclear whether Coach Faught will return to Central. We will share that information as soon as it is given to us.