At Tuesday’s city council meeting, the city approved a budget for just over $1 million for new vehicles. Out of that $434,000 will go towards twelve new police cars.

“Those vehicles don’t last that long, since they don’t last that long we have to buy this many every year. Currently we're behind, we actually need close to twenty units this year," said Ryan Kramer, superintendent of fleet services in San Angelo.

$160,000 will go towards buying four medium sized pickups for other divisions.

“Pickups are scheduled to replace 2 vehicles in the Animal Control division, the third vehicle will go to Water Production, and the fourth pickup will do the same in the Parks division,” said Kramer.

$365,000 will fund Maintenance vehicles.

“One vehicle going to Code Compliance, two pickups going to Water Distribution, two pickups going to Street and Bridge Maintenance, one pickup to Utility Maintenance, one pick up to Sewer Treatment, and two pickups going to Sewer Collection, one of those pickups will go to Lake Patrol, one vehicle to Storm Water, and one vehicle to Fire Marshall,” said Kramer.

The last $70,000 approved by the city council will purchase 2 quarter-ton pickups for the water billing division.

Kramer says the city keeps track of the age and mileage of each vehicle. When it reaches a certain point, that's when they consider replacing it. All of the money being used is coming from the general fund, water fund, sewer fund, and storm water fund.