A forum took place Tuesday discussing construction plans for phase of rebuilding Bell Street.

Russell Pehl, city of San Angelo's engineer, laid out the three phase plan.

Phase one will include the installation of 4,200 feet of a new 16-inch water line and 6,000 feet of new 8-inch, 10- inch, 12-inch, 18-inch, and 24-inch sanitary sewer lines.

Pehl says new traffic signals will replace the existing ones at the intersections of Rio Concho Drive and Harris Street.

"We're going to be replacing the pavement, curb and gutter," Pehl said. "We're going to be adding new sidewalk, and we'll be replacing the water and sewer mains."

The price tag of phase one is estimated to cost the city more than $7.3 million, if the city council accepts and approved the bid from Reece Albert Inc.

Construction for phase one is scheduled to begin in late October or early November.