If you are concerned about a possible smoke near San Angelo State Park don't worry, it's supposed to be there

The Texas Parks and Wildlife is conducting a controlled burn at the park.

The burning began today and will last through Friday

The burn is being conducted to reduce the potential fuel that could cause fires. This includes excess leaf litter, fallen branches and dead trees

Jim Cisneros from Texas Parks and Wildlife says, “back in the day the park used to get natural fires before man got here and that would kind of maintain the equilibrium of the prairie grass and would take care of all of the invasive species but since man is here now, we've controlled the fire so that when we introduce it, we introduce it as a controlled burn and again we try to get rid of all of the invasive species.”

The park will remain open to the public. If you live in the area and you see smoke staff say to check to make sure it is not because of the scheduled burn before calling 911.