Still, social media can also have a dark side. There's a new app, called Sarahah, that's growing in popularity. But it has ties to cyber-bullying and sextortion that's gaining plenty of attention. Our Senora Scott explains.

Social media has its perks, that's how I found out about this app. I saw a post about it and decided to share a video on my Facebook page bringing comments from several of you.

From one mother not allowing her daughter on social media just yet to a mom already having dealt with this app and not having the greatest encounter with it to another mom not having heard of it, but it appears to be on her radar.

This is what the app looks like in your app store. Now the description they give is not really much of one so I decided to go their website to see if I could find any more information, not a whole lot of luck there either.

The description on their homepage says the app's purpose is get honest feedback from coworkers and friends because you can send messages anonymously. The "about us" page addresses showing the identity of senders and hacking, let's just say it didn't give me a sense of comfort.
And if you try to contact them, i wouldn't expect much in return.

Police suggest having open, honest conversations with your kids about cyber safety, cyberbullying, and sextortion.

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