When you're kicking off your dancing shoes at Friday’s Fire Fighters Ball, you’ll be helping a greater cause in the city.

"When you donate to the fire fighters ball you donate to the foundation, 100 percent of this money is going to go to the San Angelo fire fighters," said Assistant Fire Chief Todd Sanford.

So how does the San Angelo fire Fighters Foundation help our local firemen?

“By me starting a foundation and putting that money aside, we're going to be able to send our guys to get that specialized training," said Sanford.

The problem with these special trainings is they cost money, and often it’s more money our city cannot exactly afford.

“We take great care of our money over here at the fire department. We make sure we're good steered with the people’s tax money but it's just not enough to go around,” said Sanford.

A big concern for the team back in August, was not being able to help out during Hurricane Harvey relief.

“After the hurricane in Houston we had 65 guys who wanted to go down and help but because we didn’t have the proper paper work and training we weren’t able to go," said Sanford.

But he believes in the people of San Angelo; that they'll always go above and beyond to help San Angelo’s public servants.

Sanford says this ball is meant to help residents bond with the men who put their life on the line for them every day.