In today's Fit With Fox we're bringing you a whole new meaning to hanging around. With this type of yoga, a rope harnessed to a wall is your most important prop. It's called iyengar yoga.

"One of the benefits of using the props is that people can get in the yoga poses a lot easier," said instructor Jerri Crowley.

Some of the basic poses allow you to stretch and get into positions while harnessing part of your body to the wall.

"The ropes give traction so that the spine can be lengthened," said Crowley.

The tougher poses separate you from the floor completely, but they also bring greater benefits to the body.

"You're able to access muscles in the upper back that help get stronger and help increase openness in the chest and lengthen the neck,” said Crowley.

Some of the poses are a bit more difficult than the ones in traditional yoga, but Crowley says you shouldn't be intimidated, the class is for people of all levels and all abilities.

“The ropes can really help you access the muscles you don't normally feel in a regular yoga class, said Crowley. “With practice you can build up confidence and ability to do those poses.”

The rope wall helps heal muscles on your body that can become tense over time.

"The poses can be modified depending on the person, if their hamstrings are tight say they're a runner, or their shoulders are tight say they've had an injury or surgery," said Crowley.

So, the next time you feel like just hanging around, iyengar yoga can help you squeeze in some exercise while you're at it.