In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Heroes Fitness held an all-pink Zumba class that included breast cancer survivors.

"The whole key is on them," Mary-Ann Gonzales, a Zumba instructor said. "It's about celebrating their power to overcome such a terrible disease."

The class was put on by 10 instructors, and was 90 minutes long.

"Zumba is a gathering type of event," she said. "A lot of people come together and we support one another. "

The event also showcased several vendors who sold products, and gave tutorials on self breast exams.

"We have a model to kind of show them what a cancer would look like, what a benign would look like, and kind of what some of the anatomy of the breast is like," Maribel Rios, a vice president at Shannon Medical Center said.

Patsy Cotton has been a breast cancer survivor for four years. She is in remission right now, but she always fears getting cancer again.

"You never know," Patsy Cotton, a breast cancer survivor said. "Every time I go to my doctors appointment you kind of like are scared because you never know what the results are going to be."

But while Cotton is doing Zumba, those fears are forgotten.

"Zumba is a stress reliever, you just enjoy it," she said. "You have fun, just dance if you don't go out dancing."

Over 100 people attended the class. Gonzales says she is excited to host the event, next year.