“Probably upwards of 60 percent, maybe even more, have now got a Fit Bit or some sort of smartwatch that can track their activity levels.

One of the big things now is this new virtual active program. It will take you through serene locations, whether it's here in the country or Scandinavia or around the world. It basically creates a virtual reality and there's some research behind those types of programs that people will walk an average of 20 to 30 percent longer but also, it will help translate into faster walking speed when you're not on the treadmill and even have better balance when you're not on the treadmill.

I think part of is that, that you're engaged in something, you're not concentrating inward "oh my legs are tired" or anything like that, you're engaged in what's around the corner,” Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor Ryan Ruh said.