Massage therapy may be the solution to your post-workout soreness.

"Basically we do is stretching in conjunction with massage to really go there and work on the problems," said Shawndee Masters, Licensed Massage Therapist.

Masters has been in business for over nine years. She is located inside Heroes Fitness in San Angelo. Her goal is to bring mobility back to the muscles.

"They have access to more muscle fibers which means more strength and more mobility," Masters said. "More feeling, less pain."

Masters said it's up to you what area you focus on for a massage. It starts with an assessment of your pain level, then locating where you feel the pain.

"The heavier lifters tend to have a lot of elbow issues from the repetitive lifting," Masters said.

To book an appointment with Shawndee, you can giver her a call at (325) 227-9375. You can also connect with her on Facebook