Elementary schools all across San Angelo are taking field trips to see this book made into a move in theaters. For most of us our grade school years were a breeze. It was a time when we had few worries and minimal responsibility.

This movie a little different. It's based on a New York Times’ best seller and tells the story of a boy who faces a unique struggle. Augie isn't like most children; being homeschooled all his life, he's finally entering the big world of public school.

‘Wonder’ takes us through the life of a child who's quickly learning that school children aren’t' the friendliest.

Despite all the medical procedures Augie's had, the biggest challenge he's facing is acceptance.

And in a day and age where bullying takes many lives, a growing concern is how we teach young minds to be tough.

Beware this movie is a tear jerker, so bring your tissues.