Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle isn't a remake of the 1995 film or even a reboot. It still keeps the same concept as the book it's based on, but with Kevin Hart and Dwayne the Rock Johnson in it you can definitely feel the modern twist.

While the old Jumanji was tied to a board game, this one is tied to a video game. The concept remains the same: play the game, win the game, and be set free.

The first making of the Jumanji book turned into film, featured the late Robin Williams as the main character attempting to contain Jumanji. Twenty years later, it’s Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart trying to get out.

The 1995 version unleashes the jungle into the real world, a contrast from the 2017 edition which sucks the players in.

The four characters are a ‘breakfast club’ type of bunch; you've got the skinny nerd, the jock, the shy girl, and of course the queen bee.To beat the game, the gang has to discover their strengths and weaknesses or they'll be stuck in the game forever.