This Friday we have a special film that's good for the whole family.

Coco takes place in Mexico where the protagonist Miguel Rivera hides his passion for music from his family who won’t let him pursue his talent.
But much like actor Anthony Gonzalez who voices his character; he's very set in his ways.

"If he says oh I’m going to do this, he’s going to be determined and he's going to do it and I identify with him," said Gonzalez.

Not only does Gonzalez share Miguel’s determination however, he also has a heart for rhythm and tunes.

"At first the people at Pixar didn’t know that I sang, but then one day I actually brought a song and when the heard I sing they were amazed,” said Gonzalez.

Miguel’s family has one wish -- that he join the Rivera family business.

Jaime Camil who plays Miguel’s father is a long time soap actor well known in the Spanish Hollywood scene.

The movie follows the young musician to the land of the dead where he discovers his family's history which sets the course for his future.

If you want to find out just how this one ends you'll have to join the Rivera family on the other side.

"Coco" was first released in Mexico back in October but it's finally made its way here for us to enjoy this holiday weekend.