"No outbursts will be tolerated.” Words from the Tom Green County Sheriff's deputies and bailiffs to the crowd at the courthouse Monday morning. Our Senora Scott was in the courtroom and has details.

Security was nearly tripled at the courthouse when Gilberto Reyes was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

The plea hearing took some by surprise because Reyes was scheduled to go to trial soon for the killings of Juan Guerrero and Zane Lopez back in march of 2016.

Reyes was originally charged with capital murder of multiple persons. He pleaded guilty to two counts of murder. I spoke with Juan Guerrero’s mother who wasn't present for the plea hearing. She told me why.

"I'm not going to be a part of this injustice. To me this is not justice. To me the DA as well as the San Angelo Police Department are frauds. The system is corrupt. There are people that are getting life in prison for dealing crystal meth you know? I'm not ok with this but I'm going to let it be. My son will get his justice in this life or the next,” Maribel Guerrero said.

Zane Lopez’s mother did speak out at the hearing saying she hopes Reyes will learn from this and that God is in control.

FULL STATEMENT: “We want to thank everybody who appeared in support for Gibby. He accepted the plea deal due to his own reasons, and that's his right but as a person the system is destroying him by withholding actual facts and evidence. The detectives never did find any fingerprints of Gilberto Reyes in the vehicle. There are a few who are free that should not be and those are the ones not holding themselves accountable for their faults. They leave out all but the good that he is a great son, a great brother, a great friend/nephew. He has never stepped foot inside of a jail house nor juvenile nor any past history. He is nothing but great, he admitted to his tampering evidence but he did not pull the trigger, and for everyone who puts a title on him as a "Murderer" they don't know him as a person, and that's okay. But there was no justice with this system because they would rather show it as justice than actually take the time & do their job right. They pushed off two great lawyers from Midland who could've, and would've helped in any way possible, but of course it's Tom Green County's Way. We're just blessed that regardless of the case he WILL BE FREE SOON! & for those wishing the worst on him we can careless because we're a family and we love and stand tall and strong next to one another.” - The Reyes and Garcia families and friends