Gov. Greg Abbott (R) is reaching out to voters across Texas.

He's speaking out on bills coming through the special session.

"The big picture of school finance reform, we need to reform and overhaul an outdated school finance system," Abbott said. "That alone would improve the property tax system in the state of Texas."

Property tax reform has been another item off the Governor's list.

"Both the House and the Senate have passed our proposal that would put a lid on the amount of property taxes could increase without first getting the approval of voters," he said.

Meanwhile on top of the special session the Governor has been reaching out to voters via social media.

"They can get an update on items they're concerned about such as border security or banning sanctuary cities or what we're doing to crack down on gangs that are threatening the state, like gangs such as MS-13," he said.

A quoted tweet from the Governor's Twitter account had Abbott speaking out about the national anthem and the National Football League.

"It's something I spoke out about during the last football season," he said. "I was offended, as a lot of Americans were offended, when some players refuse to stand for the national anthem. The reason why they have the freedom to play football and some of these players get paid $100 million is because of the men and women who have fought and died for their freedom to be able to play a game, and so my hope is that the NFL will have that same spirit of support for the flag, for the national anthem and for the men and women who have fought for our country," Abbott said.