She's one of many students at Angelo State University with ties to Houston.

The home Neira Galan, 22, grew up in was flooded and damaged as Hurricane Harvey devastated much of southeast Texas.

"You know you left everybody back there to come here to something good, and it sucks," Galan said.

Galan saw the destruction unfold on TV and social media and become increasingly concerned with her family in Houston.

"Friday it was OK it was just raining" she said. "Saturday morning you could obviously see there was no street signs being seen, just going through the pictures online it was just insane."

She wanted nothing more to go home and make sure her family was safe and sound.

"My first instinct was I need to go home I need to see my family," she said. "I need to go see my mom and dad and make sure that they're OK. Once I called them [they] reassured me they were fine and it was not safe for me to even step in Houston."

What was even more devastating was seeing the path she took to primary school was flooded.

"When I saw the street I would walk to go to elementary school, it was sad to see my whole elementary school underwater," she said.

Galan, a senior at ASU, sought comfort with the help of her fellow students and university administration.

"Just yesterday I received an email from student affairs and President May to make sure I was OK and to make sure if I needed anything I knew who to contact," Galan said.

Galan is now working with her university organization to collect items for victims of Hurricane Harvey.