Dozens of farmers, ranchers and legislators are in San Angelo for the West Texas Legislative Summit. Topics include the 2018 bill, federal and state regulations and domestics as well as international trade.

There is a newer, initiative by leaders and those in the agriculture industry themselves to essentially "bring the ranch to the city."

A major issue that's been worrisome for many land owners, the waters of the United States, WOTUS, or the Clean Water Act presented by the EPA. This rule has been struck down by the Trump administration but a new rule must go in its place. The new rule is currently being written.

Another issue right now is that young people are struggling to keep farms and ranches operating. In most cases, the land has been in their families for years. A suggestion on how to solve this problem was to eliminate the inheritance or estate, tax and give tax breaks or incentives to farmers and ranchers. That suggestion garnered applause from the crowd.

More farmers and ranchers are getting involved and bridging the gap between themselves and leaders from urban areas who have never experienced the agriculture business.

One thing that has been seen as a positive to many is the change of administration in the White House.

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