"We need more industries, more jobs, and more economic development,” Brenda Gunter, Mayor of San Angelo said.

Those words spoken by Mayor Brenda Gunter at the State of the City address. It happened right after the latest city council meeting. A major issue on the agenda, the rezoning of Sunset Mall.

"Malls are not just retail anymore,” Sabrina Tatsch, General Manager of Sunset Mall said.

In a four to three, the rezoning passed. Sunset Mall is now zoned as general commercial. This means more types of businesses, like fabrication, can lease space in the building. Making the mall as a business worth more.

"The more the business is worth, the more property taxes they're contributing,” Tatsch said.

Some examples of fabrication given: shoe, clothing, or bags. While these would be allowed, some kinds of fabrication would be limited. As for the state of the city, the mayor mentioned some missed opportunities for growth and revenue at places like the airport and Lake Nasworthy.

Also saying we need to make wages livable, not minimum.