D.E.S.K also known as Donate Educational Supplies for Kids in 2004, all with the mission to provide children with all the necessary school supplies at the beginning of each school year.
Since 2007, the program has expanded to help all ages since the need continues.

Holiman Elementary 4th grade teacher Jennah Hamilton says the D.E.S.K program is a huge benefit for the teachers and more so for the students.

"When they start school it's important for them to feel comfortable and that they are on an even playing field. And some less fortunate families we have kids from all walks of life that comes to school at Holiman and so it's just nice to be able to give them what they need when they start school,” Hamilton said.

Making sure students feel that school is the safe place is the goal of D.E.S.K.

"Tons of materials that they provide for the students glue, glue sticks, backpacks, some of the backpacks even come filled with supplies such as spirals, markers, crayons,” Hamilton said.

Many teachers in S.A.I.S.D are given gift cards to purchase many of the supplies listed on D.E.S.K curriculum.

"The supplies are held in a supply closet here at the school," Hamilton said.

"As a student needs something say they need a green folder something specific we can come to the closet and get that for them and it can be kind of confidential,” Hamilton said.

Holiman’s principal Ginger Luther says she feels blessed to have been a part of such a giving program.

"To be able to walk into a closet get what they need and get them into class and make them feel just as important as every other kid in the room is phenomenal,” Luther said.

If a student wishes to be a part of this program, they can simply go to the front office and provide them with a name.

As for those who wishes to contribute to the great cause, D.E.S.K will host a drive outside of Walmart Super Centers.