If you have a job in public speaking, it can take a toll on your voice. Oftentimes, in the winter months, it's more difficult to care for your vocal chords for several reasons.

"Right now in a medium-high category,” Meteorologist Ricky Cody said.

That’s not something allergy sufferers want to hear.

"We've actually seen a drop in our grass count, now kind of non-existent, yet tree, weed, and mold still fall in the high category. But as we end November, I think it's important to note, that we've been on an upward climb,” Cody said.

November may have been a rough month for those in public speaking, and mother nature isn't being a big help.

"Often time the rain will wash those spores out of the atmosphere,” Cody said.

Meanwhile, we haven't seen rain in several weeks.

There are some other things that can affect your voice. Upper respiratory infections, acid reflux, and overusing your voice by screaming and yes, even whispering.

However, the department of health and human services says - there are ways you care for your voice. Drink lots and lots of water. Warm tea and honey can also help sooth your throat. Eat foods rich in vitamins A,C, and E., plus fruits and veggies. Avoid spicy foods because those foods can cause acid reflux. They also suggest resting your voice when you're sick and say avoid talking in noisy places because that can strain your voice. You can also add a humidifier to your home.