When it comes to your health, your diet is just as important as getting enough exercise. If you're tired of getting fast food, why not shake it up and go to Alamo Nutrition?

"It’s 80 percent nutrition 20 percent fitness. If you're not taking care and putting the right things in your body, you're not gonna run it right,” Jeff Jones said.

"When someone comes in they get an aloe, tea, and shake from our menu. The aloe's gonna help with cleansing, the tea's gonna give you energy, and the shake is gonna fill you up," Matt Johnson said.

Matt Johnson and Jeff Jones own Alamo Nutrition. Their main menu item, shakes. For the sceptics saying there's no way something that looks like a dessert can be good for you, Jones has this reply.

"It's still considered food, I mean it's protein, it has your nutrients in there, still gonna give you vitamins and minerals your body needs,” Jones said.

Packed with nutrients already, you can even customize your shake or tea with enhancers like electrolytes, antioxidants, or collagen.

"Everything we serve here, we believe in and we take,” Johnson said.

If you're still on the fence, just ask one of Jeff or Matt's customers.

"I'm here every day now,” customer Sylvia Parker said.

Sylvia Parker has been getting a shake every day for three weeks now. The biggest difference she's noticed.

"I work every day and I actually own a company so I'm constantly going. So this has gotten me to the point where I can go all day, and at the end of the day I'm not hungry, I don’t' have the jitters, I'm not run down,” Parker said.

Same goes for the dynamic duo who are serving up those shakes.

"Being able to go through my day and not be sluggish and actually continue to to do the same things over and over and not skip a beat," Jones said.

"Yeah, I'd say the biggest things for me was energy. I used to think taking a nap was normal. Like after lunch you go to sleep that was normal I thought. That was the big one, I did lose a little bit of weight but my main thing was, I feel amazing. You don't know how bad you're feeling until you start feeling really good,” Johnson said.