It's Christmas and many of us are looking forward to what's under our tree. But this segment highlights some folks who are more concerned with the giving part.

Let's start with Troy Wade. The Robert Lee resident now a student at ASU volunteers at a local nonprofit. After seeing the need of families in the Concho Valley, he decided to hold a coat drive. He works at Happy Trails and ran it by the managers. They agreed and put up a special rack for the donated coats. Plus if you give a coat, they'll give you a 15 percent discount on a new one.

That money you save could go to places like the Salvation Army. Our staff volunteered several days this year to ring the bell during the red kettle drive.

Speaking of red, while the lights on SAPD’s patrol cars may match the kettles, they also matched Santa Clause’s signature uniform. Santa in red and the men and women in blue took over the Walmart on 29th street for their annual “Shop With A Cop” event. Local kids get to pick out any presents they want for themselves and their family. Everything is paid for by donations.

Meanwhile at the tom green county jail, it was because of a major donation from Bob Houseley, a correction officer's family, and the C.O.s themselves that dozens of families got a Christmas dinner.

"Turkey, stuffing, dressing, gravy, cranberry sauce, vegetables,” Captain of the Tom Green County Jail Todd Allen said.

The idea for handing out these baskets of goodies started last year. Captain Todd Allen shared the idea with his co-workers and it took off. Last year, they gave away 25 meals. But this year the total reached 75 dinners.

So how are the recipients picked? A source gives their name to someone on staff at the jail.
From there, the gift is put questions asked.

"We don't really get into why people get a basket, we don't put any judgement on anyone. We get their name from a source and that's all we care about,” Capitan Allen said.

If we want the world to change, we have to be the ones who change it. So how are you making a difference?