Scott Clemmer is the co-owner of The Latest Scoop, a family-owned ice cream shop.

It's widely known in the community for its homemade ice cream and it's pink cone which greets customers in front of its store.

"People have taken pictures with it, their kids, their family, so it's become party of our store," Clemmer said.

On Oct. 11 Clemmer says the cone vanished.

"It is very lightweight so it's very easy for someone to come and take it," he said.

Clemmer and his father posted the missing fixture to their Facebook page and soon discovered they weren't the only ones missing their cone.

"I think it was some[one acting] playful taking the cone which I don't think it was really playful," he said. "I kind of took it personally and so did everybody at our store, because it's stealing and we don't want that to happen to anybody around here."

The cone made a reappearance Friday as it was anonymously returned to the back of the store.

"It actually came back today this afternoon between 1 and 4 p.m.," Clemmer said. "I'm not exactly sure it just appeared in the side of our building in our driveway."