“What was interesting, I think they took the pieces with them,” Julie Raymond, artist with Art in Uncommon Places said.

This piece of art at the Bosque was designed, done, and donated by Art in Uncommon Places. It's meant to be enjoyed by the public and even used as a picnic spot.

"But it's not made for you to jump up and down on the hood but even at that it shouldn't have cracked like this,” Raymond said.

Julie Raymond is one of the artists who worked to put this mosaic piece together. She said she got a message to those causing this damage.

"That's somebody sitting here working for it,” Raymond said.

The Concho River Walk was recently named one of the top 5 public spaces in the nation but just a few yards away from this shiny new plaque, a piece of artwork, a gift to the city, left torn apart and the culprit still unknown.

"It's very sad to see this,” Raymond said.

Revisiting this work of art, means revisiting the time and effort put into creating it.

"It took 6 years in a studio to produce. It took 1,000 people,” Raymond said.

And many of those folks, left a special contribution.

"When they were working here they also left a little bit of themselves so it's not just our art piece, it's community produced and so many people's heart in this,” Raymond said.

Like an angel left by a potter from Austin and a cross from a mother who lost her son. Though vandals cracked the grout and left an ugly mark on this piece, the beauty of a mosaic is, it's all about putting broken pieces back together.

"We will fix it and make it beautiful again,” Raymond said.

Art in Uncommon Places is run through donations. If you'd like to fund the repair process or the organization, click here: http://www.artinuncommonplaces.org/donate