The San Angelo Police Department said around noon on Tuesday, nine individuals walked off of the Carver Learning Center campus and from there allegedly targeted and stole from a local business."They were kind of roaming around and then next thing you know, you could just tell they were up to something. You see one of them they were peeking through the window and they give a signal to the other person like 'go, go, go' and next thing you know someone busts through the door and grabs the tip jar and my manager, she was coming out from other here,” Katherine Martinez, owner of Grill-A-Burger said.

"I was cleaning off table and we had our tip jar right here and one of the kids runs in and grabs it,” Rocio Mata, manager of Grill-A-Burger said.

Katherine Martinez, owner of grill a burger and Rocio Mata, manager say the theives got away with about 60 dollars. They told me: they've never experienced something like this before and were shaken up. San Angelo police say, it's a recurring problem.

"We're talking extra measures on security and we just have to do what we have to do to protect ourselves,” Martinez said.

The fifties themed diner just celebrated it's one year anniversary. Although business has been good, these circumstances have brought up a new struggle for Katherine who has already talked to her staff and police. Her message to the thieves; not one of anger, but of forgiveness.

"I don’t' know their backgrounds, or what would make them run in here and steal and do whatever they do. I'd tell them I'd pray for them. I think our city needs a lot of prayer,” Martinez said.

SAPD is encouraging business owners to speak with their staff about safety and put all valuable items behind the counter.

FULL STATEMENT FROM SAISD: “Yesterday, San Angelo ISD officials responded to an incident involving students who left campus against school policy and without permission. As always, it is District priority to promote student safety through proactive strategies. However, if a student disobeys school code of conduct regarding leaving campus, staff will respond by notifying the on-site SAPD officer, the parent/guardian, and following protocol as determined by Texas Education Code Chapter 37. Through our long-standing partnership, SAISD administrators and campus staff work collaboratively with SAPD to ensure safety for all students and staff.”