"If the weather man says we're gonna have icy roads in the morning it’ll be a good idea to plan ahead," said Emergency Management Coordinator Steve Mild.

To prepare for winter and possibly icy roads you'll want to prep yourself and your car by making sure you have good levels of anti-freeze, your tires have good tread, and your car heater functions properly.

“Also something that might come in handy is cat litter if you ever slide off of the road,” said Mild

The litter will help your car gain traction to get back on the roads.

Also, driving just under posted speeds is a good precaution to take when roads get wet and icy.

"If those routes that tend to ice over are your normal route, you might want to plan for a different route and avoid those dangerous conditions," said Sergeant Justin Baker.

He also says it does not have to be below 32 degrees for bridges to become icy.