Parents listen up!
The First day of school is arriving and Tax-Free weekend is right around the corner.
Every year many have questions as to what is included during this weekend of savings.

It’s a busy start for Target employees as they get ready for an event that happens once a year: Tax- Free weekend.
This year, the holiday will begin Friday August 11th and end on Sunday August 13th.

"Tax free weekend is a little bit later this year and for the first time in several years it's coinciding the weekend before school is starting so we are expecting a very busy this weekend” San Angelo Target Manger Susan Westfall said.

And stacking your discounts is a must this weekend.

"There's online coupon apps like the cartwheel app which has ton of savings and right now everything from 5 star notebooks to Crayola to backpacks and lunchboxes and things like that but then combining that with your 5 percent red card when you use that” Westfall said.

But—there are some exemptions as to what you can purchase.

"One thing to remember is that it is going to apply mostly to the school items to backpacks to lunchboxes to children's shoes and clothing and things of that nature but it is items less than 100 dollars” Westfall said.

Shoppers will end up saving $8 on every $100 they spend.
And if you’re not a Target shopper – Westfall says:

"Regardless of where you are or what weekend your shopping you’re going to have to get school supplies and you're going to have to get everything on your school supplies list, so we appreciate the state of Texas helping out and every little bit will add up” Westfall said.

A full list of items for purchase can be found on our KIDY Facebook Page and below this.