It’s not easy to live with a syndrome that not many are aware of called CRPS.
It stands for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

In fact, it brings excessive pain and swelling to affected areas.
Water a necessity in life.
But for San Angelo resident Madisyn Metaxas it was a nightmare.

"The water touching my legs just felt like acid on my skin it felt like it was literally just burning my skin off” Metaxas said.

Madisyn describes CPRS as excruciating pain.

"It gets triggered and it sends 24/7 pain signals to that part of the body to the affected part of the body which can be anywhere it can affect your entire body it can affect one part it can spread” Metaxas said.

Before CRPS Madisyn lived a normal teen lifestyle where she shared many dreams and aspirations.

"I was always active I was a huge I was a volleyball fanatic I played volleyball all the time I practiced every day” Metaxas said.

With a vision that she would once play for Penn State.
But in 2014, her life dramatically changed.

“I jumped of my bed I had never done that before and the one day I decided to do it. It triggered my CRPS in an instant” Metaxas said.

Madisyn describes it as a Rolle coaster with many downs.

"Your hair is going to fall off your going to lose your memory it's going to affect you eye sight it's going to affect your eating habits your nail growth it's going to affect your body it's going to affect everything” Metaxas said.

"I been on an anti-depressant for a while and then this is my gabatropin which is what I take for my pain and I have also been on this for 2 years” Metaxas said.

Despite the daily battle, Madisyn has kept a positive mindset. It’s helped her gain the courage to join a beauty pageant and take up acting.

"You can have this but still live your life to the fullest it may be hard but it's possible” Metaxas said.

"I am Madisyn Metaxas” Metaxas said.

Fight for the life you want!

Madisyn and her mother Serena Metaxas would like to host weekly meetings to everyone who is going through CRPS so they can meet people who are going through the similar syndrome and overcome it together.
For more information email Madisyn Metaxas mom