Some educators believe that homework should be replaced with more reading.

In fact, the State of Florida has already implemented this for students.
And San Marcus C-I-S-D is throwing around the idea.

"Relax shaggy Fred says” San Angelo Resident Jonah Kunselman reads.

"What’s your favorite book?” Reporter Sally Jaramillo said.

"Rack Russell’s” Kunselman said.

“And tell me why?” Jaramillo said.

"Because there’s dogs in there and I like dogs" Kunselman said.

11 year old Jonah Kunselman spends more than 3 days a week reading.

“You shake your head and tell her that you're meeting" Kunselman reads.

"Do you think reading is important?” Jaramillo said.

"For me it is because I learn” Kunselman said.

Soon, this youngster might spend more time exploring Scooby Doo books.

"I have an idea Fred says” Kunselman reads.

And less time with a pencil and paper in hand.

“We encourage families to read together every day as early as possible" Community Relations Coordinator Marcy Bosequett said.

That’s because teaching organizations across the Lonestar State are pushing to eliminate the classic homework ritual and instead, get students to spend more time doing exactly what little Jonah is doing now.
"As you read a lot keep your eyes open" Kunselman reads.

Marcy Bosequett Community Relations Coordinator finds reading to be a huge life necessity.

"Children who don't read who don't have books at home do not do as well in school” Bosequett said.

And one local parent agrees.

"I think it's a great idea cause they already do so much work at school my kids like to read so it's not really big of a deal for them but I know a lot of kids don't like to read and reading is very important especially to help them learn at school” San Angelo Resident Kari Swoboda said.

As for Jonah, his preference…

“I don't like homework and I like reading better” Kunselman said.

As for what future holds for students in our community, we’ll have to wait and see.

San Angelo’s Independent School District responds:

With our focus on increasing the literacy of our students, we do believe that individual reading time at home does reinforce the development of successful readers. As we are designing meaningful learning experiences for our students, we want homework to be an extension of their authentic learning in the classroom. Students are more successful in their classroom learning when the work is purposeful. We give our teachers the flexibility when it impacts the learning of our students.