Can you get rich by selling TY Beanie Babies?


We can verify this claim is false.


David J. Sergeant, certified appraiser of Washingtonian Appraisals


An article with the headline "If you have any of these seven Beanie Babies, you might as well retire right now," was posted on the obscure news site Hygo. The article claims that rare Beanie Baby editions from the early nineties are valued up to $10,000.

The article claims one of the rarest TY toys is the First Edition Princess Diana Beanie Baby, which became available five months after the Princess of Wales died. We fact checked and this purple bear with a pink rose is indeed valuable, some Princess Bears are valued just shy of $100,000.

But certified antiques appraiser David J. Sergeant of Washingtonian Appraisals is setting the record straight about the value of Beanie Babies.

"Beanie Babies aren't valuable. They're just felt cloth with PVC pellets inside them. What you're seeing is people putting crazy listing on eBay and banking that someone foolish enough will come along and spend $25,000 or $300,000 or some insane number on something worth maybe $30, $40, maybe $50," said Sergeant.


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