Now that hurricane season is underway, it is important to be prepared for severe weather.

One of the tools many people keep in their vehicles for emergency situations is an emergency hammer that is used to break glass windows.

But does it work on all vehicles?

A spokesperson with resqme, a company makes the resqhammer and LifeHammer, says the tool does not work on all vehicles.

It only shatters windows made of tempered glass, so it does not work on front and back windshields.

It also will not work on a growing number of newer model cars.

Car makers have started to use laminated glass on side windows instead.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says thicker windows protect people from being thrown from cars, especially in rollover accidents.

That’s why the agency approved a new “ejection mitigation” safety standard in 2011. It required car makers to start phasing in laminated or glazed windows in 2013.

By Sept. 1, 2017, all vehicles have to meet the standard, with the exception of altered vehicles and vehicles produced in more than one stage.

Experts say having laminated glass windows also reduces break-ins, improves fuel efficiency, and minimizes exposure to UV rays.

To find out what kind of glass is in your vehicle, check the sticker located in the corner of each window. It will say whether the glass is tempered or laminated.

What are your options if you have laminated glass windows and accidentally drive into flood waters?

The Houston Fire Department says the most important tip is to turn around and not drown.

However, if it is too late, firefighters recommend rolling down the window or opening the car door as soon as possible.

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