"We put signs everywhere telling our customers that now we're located on Beauregard Avenue, and there are signs everywhere telling people to come here,” said Petra Trevino, manager of customer service for the City of San Angelo Water Department.

One of the many perks of the new building is the amount of space it offer. Trevino says the larger area accommodates for busy lines and customer privacy when meeting in cubicles. The water services department is not the only inhabitant of the new location. The Engineering Services, Public Works, and Water Utilities Maintenance are all working out of the same building.

Trevino also says one of the biggest problems they’ve faced are customers forgetting the change in location, causing them to mail and drop off payments to the wrong location.

"We will work with people on a case by case basis depending on what the situation is, but if it’s not their fault certainly we'll work with them,” Trevino said.

The office hours for the water billing department are remaining the same; 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.