"A lot of people didn't even realize were having a November election. It’s just a chance for people who may not be able to make it out on Election Day. Vote in advance,” Vona Hudson, election administrator said.

Vona Hudson and her team are set up and ready to go for the next two weeks. Prior to Monday, the team had been preparing for almost three months

"You have to get the equipment ready, you have to recruit poll workers, you have to get your polling location set up,” Hudson said.

On this year's ballot, seven constitutional amendments that not only effect Tom Green County, but the whole state of Texas.

"It’s actually statewide election. When the legislature meets in the summer time and so forth. Some laws will take effect immediately and will require the voter to approve or disapprove the change," Hudson said.

Another thing, well not many people are talking about this election

"Everyone thinks we just vote for president. Constitutional amendments when people don’t understand,” Hudson said.

However, one proposition on the ballot is proposition six, which allows a property tax exemption for first responders. This is one that hits close to home for volunteer, Betty Lacy

"I have a son in law who is a policeman, so naturally I’m going to vote for that to him,” Lacy said.
Betty has been a volunteer poll worker for almost nine years. She loves seeing the same people every year

"It’s like family,” Lacy said.

Lacy says it's important for people to vote, especially for the children. When people come to cast their vote, Hudson says there will be some new changes to when you come to the polls.

Early voting will go on until November third at the Edd. B & Frances Frink Keyes building Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.