WIC serves nearly 3,400 to 3,600 woman and children in Concho Valley and about one million statewide but, soon there will be changes that will affect each person.

Education is what WIC strives for but on top of that, there are changes coming soon to the program.

WIC Manager Gillian Mackenzie said, "Now when we have the electronic card and the clients go to the grocery store, they don't have that stigma anymore when you're pulling the list of paper vouchers and people can see exactly what's going on."

This card is meant to be scanned like a regular debit card, giving the user a bit more privacy.

"With this card what they do when they get their benefits, we just print a shopping list and they can take that to the store. It lists down there everything they can purchase and what their prices not to exceed and it just makes it much easier when they are getting their groceries," Mackenzie said.

With it being Nation Breastfeeding Month, Mackenzie is busy preparing to promote.

"Breastfeeding is the best thing that can happen to your child and it also prevents illnesses and it gives your child the best start in life as possible," Mackenzie said.

Later in August, WIC will be hosting a breastfeeding class in order for mothers to share their experiences. All of this information will be post on our KIDY Facebook.