There's a new program in the Concho Valley that offers improved health for a unique group of people. The treatment is Personalized-repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, or PrTMS.

“We can look at the disruption imbalance and that’s usually a frequency problem and then we can modulate that back and fix it with an outpatient FDA approved transcranial stimulator," said Dr. Kevin Murphy, professor and vice chair at UCSD Radiation Medicine & Applied Sciences.

In laments terms, it treats the brain with the goal of restoring a normal brain pattern.

“We can see really big changes in patients with sleep disorder, focus and memory," said Murphy.

Murphy who is based out of California, says the treatment also works for ADHD, autism, and PTSD.

“A lot of our first responders that are managing these veterans and also managing other events that are very traumatic, that is being absorbed and becoming part of what they see on a daily basis," said Murphy.

This treatment option will be up and running very soon.

“Starting next week, we'll be communicating with Dr. Murphy via telemedicine and doing consults through the internet and he’ll be working with our nurse practitioner," said Barbie Thomas, administrator for West Texas Medical Associates.

Although Murphy will not stay in West Texas, his patients will still receive optimal care.

“We'll be submitting test results to him in San Diego and he’ll be sending the treatment plan and the protocols for the patients," said Thomas.

To find out more about this treatment option - you can contact the West Texas Medical Associates here in San Angelo.