Residents and businesses on the north side of San Angelo are anxiously anticipating the end results of construction on Martin Luther King Drive.

One of those individuals is Jerry Warnell a resident and co-owner of the Chicken Farm Art Center.

Warnell says while the construction is welcomed it has affected business in the area.

"It's cut down on our business some," Warnell said. "I'd be negligent to say otherwise."

San Angelo City Engineer Russell Pehl says the road work is part of a capital improvement plan costing the city nearly $6 million.

The rehab features among many improvements new curbs, gutter and driveways.

"New striping, new traffic signals, sidewalk along the west side of MLK Drive from 7th Street to 29th Street," Pehl said.

Residents in the area say this particular side of town has often times been ignored.

"Yeah, it was probably neglected in a way but people are discovering now that this is a good side of town," Warnell said.

He says construction in the area might impact business but are essential to beautifying the neighborhood.

"When we get done we're going to have one of the better streets in town," he said. "We're going to have bicycle paths, curbs, all the things, a lot of parts of town would like to have."