We've heard of it happening around the country but now it's happening right here in West Texas. These porch pirates are looking to steal your holiday goodies. Now some residents are wising up and installing surveillance cameras to help catch these crooks.

“A lot of people saw my video and they shared it, it’s crazy you saw so many people get their blowups stolen,” said one PaulAnn resident.

While most people are experiencing their packages being stolen from their front porch, these residents are losing their Christmas decorations.

“Mine happened during the day. I mean, Christmas decorations, you can’t even have that and that’s just sad,” said PaulAnn resident.

This time of year usually brings out thieves, but now with more people having surveillance technology, they're getting caught red handed.

"We had to buy cameras to put all around the house to get all the angles now because with that one we didn’t get a face or a car,” said PaulAnn resident.

Sergeant Tim Coffman with the Crime Prevention division in San Angelo says it’s harder to protect your yard decorations than packages which can be tracked.

“They’re out in your yard which is an unprotected area,” said Coffman. However, you can make it more difficult for thieves who are looking for a quick opportunity.

“Try and secure them as much as you can. They're not going to want to spend time to steal them; they want to be in they want to be out,” said Coffman.