It seems like our firefighters are extra busy in the winter months.

"Our fire department is most busy in the winter time with structure fires,” said Grape creek's Fire Chief Jose Rivera.

A lot of the fires in the fall and winter months are space heater and fireplace related.

“A lot of times fire place residue will build up in the ventilation pipes and could catch fire,” said Rivera.

So the Fire Chief is giving us some tips to stay safe.

“For those who have a fireplace at their house we recommend that they have their chimney swept out by a professional,” adds Rivera.

Also, do not forget about routine maintenance.

“You need to be sure your smoke detectors are working and have batteries in them. You also need to have a carbon monoxide detector in the home,” said Emergency Management Coordinator Steve Mild.

Any appliance powered by gas can create carbon monoxide which can be deadly.
So if you do get a space heater, make sure it's electric and set up in a safe spot.

“Keep your space heater at safe distance from any combustible material," said Mild.

And as Christmas season approaches, mild says not to stack presents along the fireplace.

“That radiant heat can set those presents on fire,” said Mild.

No matter what you use to warm your house or office space, remember to always make safety a top priority.