There are two businesses in town who have displayed outstanding patriotism in effort of keeping the Texan perspective strong as the state unites after the devastation Hurricane Harvey caused.

One of these businesses, Blaine's Pub, has made it evident they are filled with Texas pride. Jessica Box who works at Blaine's Pub said, "I'm telling you, we live in the best state."

The pride you can see inside and outside of the business; in fact, there's a huge Texas flag painted on one side of the building. "Out-of-towners like to come and get their picture taken in front of the flag," Box said.

Along with the Texas flag, another business took it even a step further. There's also an American flag painted on the side of its building.

Jason Moore with Cortese Flag & Silkscreen said, "I saw a huge spike in American flags sales after President Trump was elected."

He said he's seen a 40 percent increase in sales of the American flag since November. "Through the last eight years, a lot of people would not fly flags because of the last administration, the U.S. flag," Moore said.

"They would prefer to fly the Texas flag. They're finally coming back and flying the U.S. flag because this part of the country is pretty proud of America right now."

The business owner admits he doesn't have the so called "Texas look."

"I think most people think I'm from California or some hippie type situation. Then, they hear me talk and I think they understand I'm from Texas," Moore said laughing.

But don't let that fool you, he's a true Texan like many in the community. "I hope they understand that Texas is the greatest state in the world and was probably the best country in the world at one point," said Moore

"I just like the honesty and how everyone's grateful and willing to help. I think that's just a true Texan," Box said.