The first day of school is around the corner and we all know back to school shopping may be pricey. Senora Scott was there when kids in the Concho valley were given brand new shoes by one local organization.

Getting your kids a new pair of shoes for the new school year may be on your shopping list but for dozens of kids in San Angelo, a new pair of shoes wasn't an option, until now.

"There's a huge need in San Angelo for children who are underprivileged,” Stacy Greaves, Chair of the Shoes 4 The Soul project said.

Greaves said that's just one reason the junior league decided to step in. Through the program, nearly 150 pairs of shoes were given out at two of the Boys and Girls Club sites in San Angelo.
A task that is equally rewarding.

"Unlike any feeling you can ever experience. To see those smiles on those kids’ faces, say it all,” Greaves said.

But in case the smiles don't speak for themselves, 8 year old Jianna Valadez will. She told me a few reasons why she loves getting new shoes.

"A new style and I don't have to be wearing dirty shoes,” Valadez said.

She also says she's looking forward to a lot going into 4th grade in her brand new shoes. Her message to the Junior League.

"Thank you, I love these new shoes, thank you a lot,” Valadez said.

Stacy's message to those who are looking to help out. Just do it.

"Get involved, it's all about getting involved, it starts at home,” Greaves said.