Tom Green County was under a winter weather advisory today.

It lasted until noon and many woke up to frozen windshields and icy streets.

The drizzle fell throughout the night and early this morning. It caused a glaze of ice on bridges and overpasses.
DPS reminds us that it's important to slow down on slick roads and avoid using loop 306.

Sergeant Justin Baker says “troopers have been dispatched to numerous crashes this morning of those crashes 3 of those took place right here on the US 87 East Loop 306 overpass and what it is people are coming in at those high speeds not aware that the bridge might be iced over and once they hit the ice they lose control “.Sergeant Baker says if you can avoid a bridge by using the exit ramp it's better to do so. But if you can't make sure to travel at a safe speed where you can control your vehicle.